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        Dongfa advantage


        Thirty years of construction, rich experience

        Weihai Dongfa Seiko Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993, the company was mainly engaged in the research and development and production of fishing rod equipment, with excellent quality, high-quality service started the brand of Dongfa Seiko, in 2004, the company based on fishing gear equipment, research and development and production of all kinds of carbon fiber pipe equipment, formed a modular production, can be customized according to customer needs. So that Dongfa Seiko is not limited to the fishing gear industry, but towards a broader composite material industry, laying the foundation for the development of the company.

        In 2014, after more than 20 years of experience accumulation and precipitation, the company set up a special R & D team, vigorously research and development of carbon fiber prepreg equipment has achieved impressive results, and established long-term cooperation with major scientific research institutions, aerospace enterprises, military enterprises, etc., and achieved a good reputation in the industry.

        Now, Dongfa Seigong has gone through the wind and rain for 30 years, established more than 40,000 square meters of carbon fiber industrial park, not only has a modern processing workshop, R & D center, assembly workshop, but also has an average of more than 20 years of experience in the first line of technical staff and senior experts. After 30 years of accumulation and precipitation, Dongfa Seiko has a deep connotation, and Dongfa will accumulate and make new achievements in the future.

        East hair seiko old factory




        Attach importance to product development, advanced technology

        The company's main products are carbon fiber prepreg equipment, carbon fiber pipe molding equipment, carbon fiber molding equipment, carbon fiber pipe mold and roll grinding and other categories.

        The company attaches great importance to product technology research and development, with carbon fiber prepreg production line glue machine online melt technology, to achieve online fast melt; With the technology of quickly changing the rubber roller, one machine can produce different wide products; With the glue machine online film thickness detection, and self-adjustment technology, improve the accuracy of the product; With carbon fiber prepreg production line composite machine advanced vibration rolling technology, so that carbon fiber rolling effect is better; With the high precision adjustment technology of the composite roller group clearance, the adjustment accuracy of the clearance can reach 0.001mm; It has a number of patents of carbon fiber pipe coil process equipment and winding process equipment, and a number of software Copyrights. We will build 3-5 new R&D projects every year, and continue to apply for product optimization updates and patents.


        Pay attention to product quality, quality is consistent

        The company attaches importance to product quality, quality first as the main purpose, every link is not lax, from raw materials to each step of the processing link, in strict accordance with the requirements of ISO9001 quality certification system, layers of control, through strict quality inspection, to ensure that every part meets the requirements.

        Use well-known brands in purchasing parts, and strictly review supplier qualification and product quality; Self-processing parts from the cutting, welding, processing, assembly, each link has inspection standards; After the equipment is assembled, it must go through a long time of operation testing to ensure the normal and stable operation of the equipment before leaving the factory.


        Pay attention to products and services, intimate and thoughtful

        Provide professional pre-sales service, every point of customer requirements, our company will be a professional sales team, technical team to provide the best solution.

        Provide comfort on-site installation service, after the equipment is delivered to the customer's factory, our company will send professionals to adjust the placement of the production line, equipment assembly, equipment operation, etc., for a series of installation and debugging, until the production line can run normally and produce qualified products.

        Provide intimate after-sales service, for each customer to establish a file, regular return visit. Provide intimate after-sales service, establish a file for each customer, regularly visit the customer experience, in the use of any problems, just a phone call, we respond 24 hours, and the fastest speed for customers to solve problems.


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